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O'Keeffe's Diagnostic Worksheets

These diagnostic worksheets are here to help us pinpoint exactly when a problem occurs. This allows us to better duplicate the problem and solve the issue in the least amount of time. You the customer are an important part of the diagnostic process, as you have experienced the problem more often and at more regular intervals.

Driveability Assessment

O'Keeffe's Driveability assessment gives our customers the ability to describe their vehicle's state on one page.

Noise and Vibration

Our noise and vibration diagnostic sheet gives our customer's the ability to describe the noise/vibration and when it happens.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Our heating and cooling systems diagnostic worksheet gives our customer's the ability to: describe what area the problem is existing in; any noises or odors that are accompanying the problem; and when it started.

Automatic Transmissions

Our automatic transmission diagnostic worksheet gives our customers the ability to: describe the problem; when it occurs; and what other conditions (gears, temperatures) are occurring in the vehicle at the same time.


As an additional aid to filling in these worksheets we have included a Vehicle Noises Description sheet for you to use.


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