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1220 Newport Ave. Victoria, B.C.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often do I need to change my oil?

Every three months or 5000 Km, whichever comes first. Although the owner's manuals, which vary from make to make, recommend all different oil change intervals for all different climates, Victoria is a severe service environment. The majority of our driving is short trip, stop and start driving, with excessive idling. This makes more frequent oil changes a requirement for proper maintenance of your vehicle.

2. I own a new vehicle, will having my vehicle serviced at your shop void my warranty?

The simple answer is no. Authorization to perform warranty maintenance comes from the federal government to all government licensed auto service technicians.

3. What is the difference between regular oils and synthetic oils?

In synthetic oil all of the molecules in the oil are the same size, in regular oil they are not. The advantage for the synthetic oil is it allows the oil to better handle pressures through lighter pourability. Although the manufacturers of synthetic oils and some automobile manufacturers state that their product allows consumers to go without changing their oil for a year or 10,000 km's, this is not true. The additive package is the same in regular oil and synthetics, and it is the additive package that controls the dirt content in the oil. The additive package is only able to hold a certain amount, that is the same for both types of oil. This information comes straight from a retired Chevron oil engineer.






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