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1220 Newport Ave. Victoria, B.C.
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday


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Pegasus Detailing & Deluxe Car wash

Prices for the deluxe car wash are vehicle size based, all other services require a visual estimate.

Deluxe Car wash
  • Hand washing the exterior of the vehicle
  • Pressure washing the wheel wells and doorjambs
  • Vacuuming the interior of the vehicle
  • Vacuuming the trunk (if empty)
  • Cleaning the windows in and out
  • Dusting the dash
  • Dressing the tires
  • Deluxe car wash
  • Application of a hand rubbed wax
  • Buffed to a shine by hand
  • Deluxe car wash
  • Polishing is available based on the exterior condition of the painted surfaces. A visual estimate is required for this service.
Interior Detailing
  • Deluxe car wash
  • A more thorough vacuuming and blowing out of interior with compressed air
  • Shampooing by hand of the carpets and seats as required with an extraction method
  • Cleaning and conditioning of leather seats using either Lexol or Pro cleaning solutions




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